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.NET Framework error in 한국어 (Korean):

";component"가 포함된 URI에 필요한 형식은 "AssemblyName;Vxxxx;PublicKey;component"입니다. 여기서 Vxxxx는 어셈블리 버전이며, PublicKey는 어셈블리 공개 키 토큰을 표시하는 16자의 문자열입니다. Vxxxx 및 PublicKey는 옵션입니다.

English translation: The required pattern for URI containing ";component" is "AssemblyName;Vxxxx;PublicKey;component", where Vxxxx is the assembly version and PublicKey is the 16-character string representing the assembly public key token. Vxxxx and PublicKey are optional.

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I always spent long time trying to translate error messages logged by application deployed at my client and the translations did not match anyway. After long frustration, I finally found this site. So far, it has saved me hunderds of hours of laborous searching for translations of those error messages.
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Otto Gumm (Happy customer)
Happy customer who does not have to spend time searching for english translations of localized error messages anymore