Ever had problem googling localized version of an error message? Then this site is for you!

FindErr.NET | Translations of localized .NET Framework error messages in العربية (Arabic)

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'{0}' cannot be null or empty.
'{0}' cannot be null.
'{0}' cannot contain the path delimiter: '{1}'.
'{0}' cannot have a logical or visual parent.
'{0}' cannot run multiple times.
'{0}' cannot start with the reserved character range 0x01-0x1F.
'{0}' cannot use default {1} value of '{2}'.
'{0}' cannot use default {1} value of '{2}'.
'{0}' class editing commands cannot be registered because they are registered on its derived class '{1}'.
'{0}' component is already in presentation context.
'{0}' component is not in presentation context.
'{0}' ContentType is not valid.
'{0}' ControlTemplate TargetType does not match templated type '{1}'.
'{0}' Count passed to Remove must be positive.
'{0}' cursor type is not valid.
'{0}' CustomContentState object must be serializable.
'{0}' data format is not present on DataObject.
'{0}' data format not supported.
‏‏'{0}' DbProviderFactory أعاد قيمة فارغة من الطريقة CreateConnection.
'{0}' destination is multidimensional. Expected array of rank 1.

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I always spent long time trying to translate error messages logged by application deployed at my Italian client and the translations did not match anyway. After long frustration, I finally found this site. So far, it has saved me hunderds of hours of laborous searching for translations of those Italian error messages.
I simply love it!

Otto Gumm (Happy customer)
Happy customer who does not have to spend time searching for english translations of localized error messages anymore