Ever had problem googling localized version of an error message? Then this site is for you!

FindErr.NET | Translations of localized .NET Framework error messages in العربية (Arabic) starting with r

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Range actions are not supported.
Range must come from the same text provider.
Range of Remove({0},{1}) cannot include items without a corresponding user interface element.
RangeFromChild method is not supported in this implementation.
ReadMode لا يكون من PipeTransmissionMode.Message.
ReadXML method expects reader to have just parsed start element.
Received an out of order connect or disconnect message.
Record not found.
Rectangle cannot be empty.
Recursive call to Automation Peer API is not valid.
Referenced {0} {1} is either missing or not valid.
Referenced {0} {1} is either missing or not valid.
registrationId {0}‎ غير صالح.
Registry path is not valid.
Relationship {0} غير صالحة: Multiplicity ({1}) غير صالح. يجب أن يكون Multiplicity: '*' أو '0..1' أو '1'.
Relationship tag contains incorrect attribute.
Relationship tag requires attribute '{0}'.
Relationship transform must be followed by an XML canonicalization transform.
Relationship Type cannot contain only spaces or be empty.
Relationship was found to the signature origin but the part is missing. Package signature structures are corrupted.

I always spent long time trying to translate error messages logged by application deployed at my client and the translations did not match anyway. After long frustration, I finally found this site. So far, it has saved me hunderds of hours of laborous searching for translations of those error messages.
I simply love it!

Otto Gumm (Happy customer)
Happy customer who does not have to spend time searching for english translations of localized error messages anymore