Ever had problem googling localized version of an error message? Then this site is for you!

FindErr.NET | Translations of localized .NET Framework error messages in العربية (Arabic) starting with d

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Debugger detected.
Decorator marked as PART_ContentHost must have no content.
Decorator marked as PART_ContentHost must have no content.
Default tag is not valid per the schema. Verify that attributes are correct.
Default value cannot be 'Unset'.
Default value for '{0}' property is not valid because ValidateValueCallback failed.
Default value for the '{0}' property cannot be bound to a specific thread.
Default value type does not match type of property '{0}'.
Dependency object type is not valid.
DependencyProperty limit has been exceeded upon registration of '{0}'. Dependency properties are normally static class members registered with static field initializers or static constructors. In this case, there may be dependency properties accidentally getting initialized in instance constructors and thus causing the maximum limit to be exceeded.
DeriveKeyMaterial يتطلب ECDiffieHellmanCngPublicKey.
Destination array is not compatible with objects within '{0}'.
Destination array not long enough.
DialogResult can be set only after Window is created and shown as dialog.
DialogResult property cannot be set in markup or serialized to string.
Dispatcher processing has been suspended, but messages are still being processed.
Display driver must support video acceleration for video or audio playback.
Distribution Point URL was not set.
DLL version not correct.
Document already belongs to another RichTextBox.

I always spent long time trying to translate error messages logged by application deployed at my client and the translations did not match anyway. After long frustration, I finally found this site. So far, it has saved me hunderds of hours of laborous searching for translations of those error messages.
I simply love it!

Otto Gumm (Happy customer)
Happy customer who does not have to spend time searching for english translations of localized error messages anymore